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las apps mas descargadas en el Reino Unido en 2012

10. Torch 
Very simple, but eternally useful, this app will turn your iPhone, iPad or iPod into a torch. You can also control the brightness of the torch depending on its use. Other functions include a strobe setting, SOS signal and compass.

Torch Ⓞ - iHandy Inc.

9. 12 Days 
Why not enjoy some freebies from Apple? Every day between 26th December and 6th January you can claim a a free gift. Gifts range from a free song or video to other digital delights.

iTunes - 12 Days of Christmas - iTunes

8. ebay 
Spent all your money at Christmas and got a few presents that you don't really like? Why not download the ebay app there's no need for a separate camera, you have everything you need in your hand to sell sell sell!

eBay - eBay Inc.

7. NHS Quit Smoking 
Every year loads of people make a new year's resolution to give up smoking, but how many keep to it? This app supports you by providing supportive messages and facts, a real time counter and a calculator so you know how much you've saved.

NHS Quit Smoking - NHS Choices

6. Kayak 
Got the winter blues? Kayak's app will search hotels, flights and car hire if you are looking for sunnier climes. They don't just find the cheapest options, as they have negotiated their own discounts with suppliers so you could save even more.


5. My Fitness Pal 
Feeling like you've stuffed yourself silly over the festive period? This app keeps track of your calorie intake and compares your eating habits and exercise with your friends. You can also easily scan foods to be added and save your favourite meals.

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal -

4. Airbnb 
If you are looking alternative accommodation anywhere in the world then you'll find something here. Airbnb is a community of people who provide their own accommodation, ranging from a private room to an entire mansion.

Airbnb - Airbnb, Inc.

3. UK Radio Player 
Discover new music and listen to your favourite radio station through your iPhone. It doesn't matter where you are, even if you are outside of the local area you can listen to us with the UK Radio Player app.

Radioplayer - UK Radioplayer Ltd

2. Find My Friends 
Although some people aren't sure about this app, it's a great way to find your friends if you've lost them in town or want to know how long they will be. Important: Only allow those that you trust to see your location.

Find My Friends - Apple

1. Find My iPhone 
This should be downloaded by everyone who has an iOS device. You can prompt it remotely to make a noise if you can't find it and if worst comes to worst and it is stolen then you can remotely lock it and delete everything off it.
Find My iPhone - Apple

This list was compiled from a variety of sources and doesn't reflect the popularity of the apps due to downloads or ratings. These apps were free at the time of writing, prices may alter, please check before downloading.

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