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the more important reasons that tablets are better than laptops More portable Battery lasts longer Easier and quicker to use It is quicker and cheaper to get and use new software It is easier to read from

If you are looking for reasons why a tablet device is better than a laptop then here are five reasons. Each device has its charms and each has reasons why you should buy them, never the less you will find five reasons to buy a tablet on this article. It describes how tablets are more portable, easy to use, have a longer battery life, are easier to read from and make it easier to get new software.
If you already own a tablet then you will be well aware of these five advantages of having a tablet device over a laptop. If you only own a laptop then this article may convince you to buy a tablet too, so that you have the best of both worlds.

#1 – More portable

A tablet device is more portable than a laptop. That is not to say that a laptop is not portable, but a tablet device may be carried upon ones person on some occasions, where as a laptop has to be carried in a bag. More often than not a person will need substantiality more space to use a laptop. A person may use a tablet device on a busy subway, but would have problems using a laptop in such a situation.

#2 – Battery lasts longer

A laptop takes up a lot of energy when it is on because it is running a lot more programs at one time, most of which are very sophisticated. This means that a laptop drinks the juice like a baseball player’s wife at an open bar. A tablet device however has far simpler programs and functions. It is able to run for eight to ten hours without needing recharging. It is also easily placed on standby so that it can save a little bit of battery life for later.

#3 – Easier and quicker to use

If you wish to take a quick note, or quickly find out when your next train is, you are able to whip out your tablet device and find out. It is easy to do and it is quick too. To do something similar with a laptop you would have to find a space to set it up, wait for it to load up, connect to the internet and then get your answer.
A tablet device can give you your answers a lot quicker, and can do it with less fuss. It is easier to get out your tablet device in a public place too. If you want to know if there is a better price for a product then you can look on your tablet device whilst you are in the shop, but you cannot do this with a laptop.

#4 – It is quicker and cheaper to get and use new software

Laptops run on very sophisticated software. This software is able to do a lot more than the software on tablet devices, but as a consequence it is far more expensive to buy. Tablet software is either pre-installed or comes in apps. These apps are often very cheap to buy and then only need to be downloaded and installed. You will not have to wait for a disc to arrive in the mail before you can use it. The apps are very simple to use and you can download as many as you can afford. Apps are also easier to find and use than laptop software is.

#5 – It is easier to read from

When you read from a laptop screen you have to lean forwards and look up. This makes it more difficult. When you read from a tablet device you may (if you wish) lean backwards. You also have to look down. This makes reading from a tablet easier, as it does for books too, since you have to lean back and look down to read from them.

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